Network Marketing – How to Turn Your MLM Marketing Business Into a Funnel of Success


One of the reasons most startup Network Marketers never go anywhere is because they do not have a capture page. Instead these startups concentrate a lot of their time and money on the next big thing in Network Marketing. The problem is if they continue to constantly chase the next big thing they will never make a profit.

Capture pages are not the end all, beat all secret to Network Marketing. What the capture page does do is create a massive marketing funnel which produces thousands of reliable leads.

I’m going to break down the capture page process for you, so you can start to create a successful capture page.

Tool 1: Identify Your Market

You must first decide who you are trying to reach with your messages. This should sound familiar it is the exact thing talked about in the free boot camp series. You can go a million miles an hour in one direction but if it is the wrong direction, then your message will fall on deaf ears clickfunnels costi.

Identifying your market will help you write your capture page more effectively.

The bribe is inline with identifying your market; it is essentially what a capture page is. The bribe is what you give to a Marketing Lead in exchange for a little information.

You may need to create multiple pages for various MLM needs people have. What I mean, if a person wants to learn how to produce MLM leads and another wants to learn how to sell product over pay per click there would be two different capture pages.

These pages sell the same thing but appeal to multiple different audiences, for example.

“FREE Videos Expose How To Generate An Unstoppable Flood Of Free MLM Leads And Blast Your Bank Account Off To The Next Level.”


“Network Marketing Expert Unearths His Bullet Proof Sponsoring Method That Will Bring Leads To You, By Just Opening Your Email. The Best Part You Will Never Face Rejection Again.”

These two capture headlines appeal to two different prospects, the first headline appeals to someone who wants to gain free MLM Leads. The second headline appeals to someone who wants to learn how to set themselves up for success when prospecting.

With capture pages you can appeal to multiple different audiences, but sell the exact same thing. When you construct your pages, keep in mind these important rules and you will be on your way to success.

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